Advanced Technology Does Play A Crucial Role In Our Drainage System

Drains play a crucial role by sweeping away the garbage or sewage water through it, so it has to be sturdy enough to pass anything through it. Now there are various types of drains, but a few days before, pitch fibre drains gained popularity because of their underground drainage system, and also, it’s easy to get installation. Now it has been seen that these drains are made of a few unique things: wood cellulose and coal tar pitch; later on, to strengthen its structure, asbestos was added.

Why Do They Get Famous?

Not only for their lightweight, but these pipes also got famous for their easy installation, whereas carrying the concrete pipes was tedious. These pipes were used primarily on construction sites or selected by homeowners. It had run successfully in the U.K. and USA till the 1970s. After that, it faced a few issues.


As pitch fibre drains were made of cheap materials, it was seen that they could not stand the flow of hot water, oil, or tar. So these things collapsed or deformed the pipes, resulting in leakage or blockage. So it took nearly a day to fix those pipes. As mentioned before, a coal tar pitch was used, so the water mix threatens the environment as the soil absorbs those. So keeping these in mind, later, these fibre drains were replaced by concrete pipes, guaranteeing longevity. Nowadays, pipes made of polythene are used, which are light, cost-effective, and also good for the environment.

How To Clear The Block Drains?

We tend to throw away a few things which disrupt the water flow. So at that time, picote cutters were being used as it is an excellent tool to remove all sorts of blockages or roots that are building up inside the drains. Before the pipes form cracks due to too many blockages, try to use this cost-effective solution to clear blockages.

How Does It Work?

We all know how these blockages occur due to pouring oil or insoluble substances. Sometimes seeds germinate by the side of the pipe and turn into a huge plant, so the roots cause the blockages. This picture cutter is designed uniquely to remove all the dirt. So they have blades or chains that will pull out all the garbage and help clear the pipes. Now the cutter is available in different sizes to get accustomed to different pipe diameters. This tool makes things easier for plumbers or any other maintenance personnel.


A picote cutter has sharp edges, so it damaged most of the walls of the pipes and ended up changing the lines. But now, it has updated itself by providing a smooth finish to the walls of the pipes after the operation. Manually no need to use it as everything became automated by minimizing the risk of damaging the pipes and cleaning them efficiently. So this tool deserved a special mention for completing the task flawlessly.

Abdullah Aldo

The author Abdullah Aldo